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When you have tooth pain or an abscessed tooth, Dr. Cynthia Tyler is a board-certified endodontist who has the specialized training and experience required to restore the health of your teeth. We feature state of the art technology designed to ease your pain and save your natural teeth. We schedule ample time to assess your needs and discuss options, so you have confidence in the treatment you have chosen.


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Dr. Tyler is super nice and gentle. I had my root canal yesterday and did not even feel any pain. She made sure I understood the procedure and even gave me options. She also personally called me today to make sure i'm okay before the weekend. I am so glad I was referred to her. Would definitely recommend.

Dr. Tyler was great. Coming from someone who has a legit fear of the dentist, she and her team went out of the way to make me feel comfortable before my procedure. She's willing to take the time to talk about any and everything you have questions of. Highly recommend.

Today was my first time seeing Dr. Cynthia Tyler. I don't like seeing new dentists, but mine doesn't do root canals so she sent me to Dr. Tyler. I was incredibly impressed!! Dr. Tyler is up on the latest information and has the latest most high tech tools, including 3D imaging of the problem tooth. I normally get gas for extensive tooth work, but I actually forgot to ask for it because I was so comfortable with Dr. Tyler and felt she is highly competent. She was very gentle and kept in mind my comfort. She showed me exactly what is going on with my teeth and explained my options very clearly. She worked to preserve my teeth, yet talked about the best ideas for the long-run, keeping in mind my financial investment. I am very, very pleased with my visit today. I wish she did all dental work so I could see her for all my dental needs, but she only does root canals. I live an hours drive away, and am really glad I made that drive today. It was well worth being in good hands and feeling like I'm getting good work and advice.